Where to Eat, Play, + Take Cool Pictures

Places in the city with good food and music in extremely ‘grammable settings


the wharf

12 stories

Beautiful rooftop bar with a great view, the perfect elevator mirror, and wallet-friendly prices.

Wandered over here for drinks and was pleasantly surprised - definitely will go back to learn more about it.




dupont circle

Rewind, by Decades

Thirty. Five. Dollar. Bottomless. EVERYTHING!! BRUNCH.

Brunch has established itself as a lifestyle in DC, so Rewind offering The Trifecta for a measly $35 is just beyond. The food was great and the drinks were hitting, but quick story:

We waited about an hour and some change for our food because our previous waitress forgot to put our orders in. We were properly boozed up, which was great until the hangry kicked in. A waitress named Amber took over, handled everything with a smile, and didn’t even throw her co-worker under the bus the way I’m sure a lot of us would have been tempted to. She told us she’s in grad school right now for something I honestly can’t remember but am sure she’ll be amazing at because she really seemed to be wearing a lot of hats that day she served us. #TeamAmber.

Another plus about Rewind is that it’s connected to the rooftop bar Decades (a little confusing to understand at first but just think Rewind: Brunch, Decades: Rooftop). Went on a Sunday, no covers for ladies, but our male friend had to pay. Rewind itself has a jukebox music player situation but not that much space, so I’d recommend just going next door if you find yourself in the mood to function.

The ladies bathroom is cute for pictures, but again on the small side. The neon lighting over the steps to the next level is really where it’s at, but be on the lookout for people coming up and down.




the wharf

la vie dc

Extremely gorgeous venue. Went for an event so I didn’t get a chance to see the full spread, but everywhere I looked was a great place to post up for a picture.

Drinks were good, staff was friendly, and the ladies’ room decor was A1, even though it was a little tight in there with both patrons and a restroom attendant.

They're also very active on Instagram, so if you tag them in your picture, you could end up getting shared on their page.


Made it over for brunch - it was as deliciously boujie as you’d expect. I was disappointed they don’t do bottomless mimosas, but between four people the build-your-own option did its job.

I got the short rib hash, which was good, but if I could go back, I’d ask them to put the horseradish crème on the side.


u street

brooklyn on u

U Street was in desperate need of a new spot and Brooklyn definitely delivered.

It’s literally thisclose to the U St metro station, right across from the Lincoln Theatre and Ben’s Chili Bowl. That’s a prime spot on that strip and the summer bar hopping experience around there has been made even better.

It’s not that big of a place, but they made the most of the space. The booths on the first level are sizable and plush and there’s bar seating and two tall tables people can eat at. There’s still enough room to maneuver as a dance floor. The upper level has more seating, but my guess is that downstairs is where a bulk of the action will be.

The prices on the menu are acceptable but still make it clear you’re at a boujier than usual spot. I got what was probably the best steak I’ve had in a minute. I was literally sitting at my desk the next day thinking about how good that steak was.

P.S., it’s Black owned!





Board games, music, and a menu catering to every craving possible is the stuff HalfSmoke is made of.

At the corner of Florida Ave and U Street, it’s the perfect starting or ending point for a night of bar hopping. I love that they have both beer and cocktail flights - you get a taste of multiple things for the price of what you would typically pay for one or two drinks.

They host lots of weekend events - mainly viewing parties, judging by their Instagram - and draw a really diverse crowd.

Not to mention, they do a $30 all day brunch menu Friday - Sunday, with bottomless mimosas included when you buy a signature entree. Challenge accepted.

14th Street


$5 Happy Hour ALL DAY on Wednesdays!!!

This place is gorgeous, and has great sushi and drinks. It’s like an aesthetic bath for all five of the senses. When I came I spent all the entire time scarfing down a majority of the happy hour menu, so I didn’t get to take any pictures, but I will for sure update when I go back.

It’s a bit of a small space, but all of it is beautifully decorated! Not sure how the nightlife is here, but they hold events every so often, including a Naked Sushi party that involves nude models and strategically placed raw fish.

I’m hesitant to recommend this place because it’s close enough to the U Street stroll area and once a new place gets scouted ‘round that way, it becomes hard to get into! But this restaurant definitely deserves more traffic.


Roy Boys

This place is still on my to-do list, but their ‘Gram is impressive and the fact that it’s in Shaw & kitty corner to U Street is exciting to me, because that’s one of my favorite areas in the city.

Their speciality is fried oysters and fried chicken, but their menu also makes mention of tacos and ice cream. So essentially, this is a happy place.

In my humble opinion, the pros of this place outweigh the whole rappers-as-chickens mural snafu they had prior to opening.

Until I can wrap my hands around their food and drinks, I’ve included some embeds from their Instagram page to gnaw on.

georgia avenue

Catch 22

Another wishlist spot - and I’m not 100 percent sure that they have parties, a DJ, etc. but it’s beautifully decorated and there’s an all day brunch. That sounds like a party ta me.

Catch 22 is the seafood-loving sister spot of the Maryland-based Milk & Honey Cafe, which is all about soul food.

P.S., it’s Black owned!

Check out the Instagram embeds below to make yourself hungry AF.

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