Black History 2019

We may not take it seriously right now because we’re living it, but we’ve been going through some things that will never be forgotten.

This post is looking through the perspective of Black experience (because I’m Black), but all of us that have been blessed to make it to this point have seen the world change so many times; and with social media developing into the informational hub it is today, it almost feels like society’s emotional climate changes daily.

One thing that remains a constant, from what I pay attention to, is the carryings on of Black culture: from the widespread sense of community fostered by Black Twitter to the chronicling of traumas we’ve begrudgingly come to expect.

It’s exhilarating; it’s exhausting.

But it’s ours; this is our time and so many things are happening that will be talked about for a long time (if we haven’t completely destroyed the Earth by then).

In preparation of this post, I Googled modern Black history.

That didn’t work, all I got were the same results you get anytime you Google “Black” and “History” together. So I’m just gonna start naming some stuff off the top.

Obama. Simone Biles and all them flips. The Zola story and feature film. All of the hair trends - natural, lace, neon wigs. Lil Nas X.

All of this is the norm for us, but at some point the android children of the future are going to download this information to their textbook microchips and talk about how wild we were. And then the substitute teacher is going to wheel out a tv and play Amistad on VHS, for a simulated experience of a 2000s classroom. Probably.

To make myself sound more educated, the thought behind this post is that we’re going through a time that matters. Every point in history has played a role in shaping society, and now we’re the ones running with the baton.

We’re deciding who and what shapes our culture, we’re seeing the emergence - as well as the loss - of greats, we’re redefining ourselves, confronting traumas, opening businesses, and daring to reach further than we ever have, because for the first time in a long time, we can.

And I think that’s pret-ty cool.

In lieu of a meaningful conclusion, I leave you with a trailer for the Zola movie, which I found while Googling to see if they were even still making it.

Ada JComment