A Case for Self Travel


Traveling alone is what “They” had in mind when They said the world is your oyster.

For a lot of us, some of the best memories are made with groups; girls’ and guys’ trips, baecations, family vacations. But sometimes, traveling as a unit just isn’t gonna get it.

Solo trips can be just as great of an experience - if not more so - because everything is up to you. No adjusting to multiple schedules, worrying about individual dietary needs, or babysitting someone that hit the drank way too hard too early.

That’s the fun reality of going places by yourself, but personally speaking, I know I psyche myself out and go through a fair amount of anxiety before actually making it somewhere alone. The night before my first solo trip, I sat up Googling how to avoid sex trafficking and getting kidnapped, but honestly, that could happen to us in our own hometowns, so there’s no point in getting too worked up. Cautious, yes; debilitated, no.

Doing anything alone, especially as a woman, can be kind of nerve-wracking. One of the best ways to get yourself out of the mindset of always needing company is to start small: go to the movies, the park, the mall, a bookstore, out to eat, etc. by yourself until you realize it’s really not a huge deal. And if you feel weird, just remember that most of the people around you don’t even care to pay enough attention to you to realize you’re alone.

Same goes for when you’re out and about traveling. Just act like you belong (which you do). No one knows your story unless they know you - and if they know you, score, you found a familiar face.

On top of traveling being a great mind opener, it teaches you more about yourself. It pushes you to adapt to something different than your routine, as well as learn more about different areas and people, which will build you up in more ways than you know.

It’s also a great way to get pics to build a bomb Instagram feed, so there’s that 🤗

Happy Travels!

Ada JComment