1Nighter: NYC for the Essence Beauty Carnival

One of my favorite NYC trips to date - went in April with my family to celebrate my cousin’s birthday and stop by the Essence Beauty Carnival.

Funny story about this trip: I bought my ticket because I saw an Instagram ad for it during a late night scroll. Texted my cousin to see if she’d be in town, and she reminded me it was the weekend before her birthday. My random buy turned into a trip with my mom, aunt, and a cousin who was in town visiting from Virginia.

He and the birthday girl hadn’t seen each other in about 8 years, so you can imagine how sweet the reunion was :)

About the Carnival

Not sure that I can handle the full blown Essence Fest just yet, so I thought of this event as a baby step. Wasn’t too crowded in the venue and we didn’t have to wait in OD long lines for the food trucks, which I greatly appreciated.

When I read that a Black beauty museum was part of the plans for this, I was excited, but it took me a minute to realize that that part of the event was more so exhibits set up throughout the area by the stage. I was thinking it would be more of a walk-through kind of thing, with the exhibits in one area, but they were still nicely done.

Didn’t leave with any beauty products, but I did buy the Trading Races card game after playing a demo round at their booth! I’m not even a card game type of girl, but this one is definitely kickback gold.

people y’all will recognize

the venue - pier 36 nyc

Flour Shop by Amirah Kassem

dinner cruise on the hornblower

wholesome pictures taken for facebook

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