I’ve been into digging up old videos related to Black culture lately & it’s been awesome to watch these throwbacks of people we admire & came up seeing. I’ve been tagging them with the hashtag above because one of the countless articles I’ve read on blogging/social media suggested coming up with your own hashtag & I’m proud to call this one mine. At the moment, I consider things under this umbrella to be from around the 60s to current times. Anything after that is some Sankofa-tier reach back and will require an anthology. 

here’s some throwback clips from when one of our fave tv sister duos hosted Friday Night Videos 👑👑♥️
Their dynamic will have you cracking up, (especially Debbie’s shade omg 😭) & peep Phylicia’s sweet baby bump 💕 
Tag your stay in and watch tv potna 📺

a throwback of two GOATs for all of us earthlings & skirtlings 🔮
It’s interesting to hear their outlook on where they would be in 10 years then & see how far they’ve soared now.
What’s y’alls favorite OutKast song?

Pick any Pimp C interview & his words are still relevant years after his passing. 
Rap beef never seems to do much for anybody outside of record labels and gossip pages.
I wonder what would happen if artists today picked up where Pimp left off? 🤔

a Project Pat freestyle to trill up your day 🔥
He will always have my favorite flow of all time 
Can you remember who did your favorite Rap City freestyle? 👀

muse vibes from our forever fav Aaliyah 💋
can we add “copywriter” to her long list of accomplishments, because “he’s not my dad but I’ve got Tommy jeans” is an amazing tagline

Before beauty gurus and couple’s channels, Soulja Boy was one of the main people getting notoriety off of YouTube. 
I can vividly remember being posted up on my grandma’s couch, watching his hood comings and goings and exchanging YAHH BITCH YAHHs with my friends on MySpace.
Which Crank Dat did y’all hit the hardest? 😂

“I’m not gonna get into a peeing contest with a skunk, you’ll lose every time.” - Shannon Sharpe, circa ‘99.

i hope all of you breeze through life with the poise of Sister Souljah defending her point during this interview ♥️👸🏿

throwback to this classic Bernie Mac stand up routine 🤣
legend has it his “I aint scared’a you muthafuckas” line stems from the comedian that went before him getting booed and Bernie Mac deciding he was gonna let them people know what time it was off rip.
wikipedia says it was Martin Lawrence that got booed, but we tread lightly with the wiki cosigns over this way

this man always knew his purpose.
in the last slide he mentions he wanted to make a fairytale book of his life called “Raised by the Black Panthers.” Anybody willing to put their creative expertise toward this?? because we could use another classic for our cultural canon.

the icon Nina Simone on what it means to be free.

what does freedom feel like to you?

it’s important to give yourself time to regroup in just about every process in life.

take the nap, read the book, have the henny & coke ✨

Cracked up at “I’ll be reasonable” 😂
She owns a vegan food truck ( IG: @jackfruitcafe ) in California now & her son Brad Kaaya Jr. is a quarterback for the Colts 🙌🏿 Also, looking her up, I realized she was the mom on Cousin Skeeter! A legend.

top 5 fave elder; his voice alone is enough to crack me up. He could ask me the time & i would be dying

throwback to Mary J. Blige riding around the streets of Harlem with Big Lez & talking about her then-upcoming album What’s the 411 ♥️
I wanna know whose daddy that is that gave them a ticket though?! 😂😂

lisa bonet has been conscious bae for a while, but the discussion of vaccinating kids still seems to be pretty divided. 
To all the parents: did you opt to vaccinate your kids? Why or why not?
For the parents to be, have you thought about what you might do?

a little motivational video of the great Tina Turner & the Ikettes putting in work to hit those marks ✨
Greatness doesn’t happen by accident ♥️ and neither do bouncy curls. Peep the sponge rollers 😂🙌🏿

hope you’re spending your days with people you love & making memories as precious as this clip of Diana Ross & her babies singing ♥️
Tracee wasn’t having it 😂