cute + cost effective things i find online


cat ear phonecases
Aliexpress | less than $2

They look just like the pictures online and fit my iPhone XS like a glove. They’re that good, sturdy plastic and not too flimsy, but bend enough to get on and off your phone.

Didn’t realize they also have little rhinestones on the sides, which are super cute but probably going to start falling out at some point. The little ears are textured too, which I thought was a nice touch.

Shipped for free! Took about 2 weeks, which isn’t terrible since they’re coming from China.


Clear drop earrings
ali express | ~$3

These are gorgeous but way too heavy to wear just because. Take your pictures in ‘em and go.

Comes in actual colors, but those looked a little cheap to me. The goal is to pay a little to look like a lot, not look like you got your earrings for less than $3.

Took just a little more than 2 weeks to arrive, shipped free.


pointed-toe contrast tip sock boots
aliexpress - $23

The only bad thing about these is they sent me the wrong color. I ordered the white tip, but kept the black because they’re cute and I wasn’t finna send them all the way back to China.

Fit is great (I wear a 10), and the heel is comfortable enough for this type of shoe. You know how long your feet will last you in a heel by now, so wear these places you know you won’t end up hobbling around.

Doesn’t fit me as tight around the legs as I’d like, but that’s due to my genes and not the boots. Plus side is, there’s room to tuck pants.

Took 2 weeks to arrive, shipped free.